A Love Story: Krystal Pierre

A Love Story: Krystal Pierre

My love story with Amos dates back almost eleven years. Yikes, that’s mind-blowing for me to think about!

We met in college in 2007 while serving on a scholarship based traveling worship team. He was a freshman and I was a sophomore. At first glance, Amos didn’t look like my type or anyone I’d shown interest in before. So I quickly did what most women do. I sized him, crossed him off as a potential, and harmlessly introduced myself.

As we traveled with the team and became buddies, we realized how much we had in common! We were from the similar places, shared similar interests, and had similar childhood experiences. Needless to say, we became like family as time progressed. And we remained that way for well over a year and a half.

But of course, in a culture where everything centered around marriage, our friends began to speculate and wanted to pair us together. Surely, two people of the opposite gender with such a great relationship should be together! Amos and I ignored our friend’s hints and remarks because we were both very clear that we were just friends. We actually thought everyone was ridiculous and would joke about their comments.

Change of Heart

One day, however, something changed for me. We were skipping class to see a movie (as we did often lol), and I remember looking over at him and my heart going BOOM! It was all of a sudden, and at that moment I was so stunned by how I felt!

My interest in Amos continued to grow and I began to share it with everyone except for the one person who really needed to know. Amos! He had no clue, but I assumed he did because we were so close and well everyone was talking about us! In my mind, Amos could feel my change in emotion and was well aware. After all, that’s how it happened in chick flicks right?!

Around that same time, Amos left college to pursue ministry and a very serious relationship with someone else. As one of his dear friends, I gave him my blessing. Regardless of my feelings, I wanted him to be happy! And he was over the moon for this woman. That was my clear sign that it wasn’t meant to be for us, so I moved on. I decided to focus on myself and finishing college. However, I did begin to wonder how things would have turned out had I expressed my change in emotions to Amos.

The Season of Silent Expectations

Amos’s relationship eventually ended, and we grew close again. Although I considered Amos a safe place, I still hadn’t said a word to him about how I felt. So to him, I was a confidant who had no interest in him romantically. I now refer to this part of my life as “the season of silent expectations”, because I expected Amos to just know how I felt about him. From my perspective, Amos was stringing me along! I started to feel like I was an unofficial rebound, and this created a change in our relationship. We realized that we were on two totally different pages and decided to part ways before matters worsened.

Trying to Move On

Over the next two years, Amos and I would run into each other at weddings and other events. We would pick up where we left off, spend the whole night talking, reconnect for a few weeks after, and then lose contact.

Eventually, I decided to give up my hope of us becoming a couple. I remember praying, “God, clearly I missed it with Amos. Whoever you have for me will know exactly what he wants and pursue me. So, I’ll wait for that man!” I sincerely believed that Amos was giving me the runaround, even though I had never expressed my true feelings.

But, God is so funny.

The Pursuit

After about two years, Amos began to reach out to me and eventually asked me out to coffee. His treat. Say huh?

Well, Amos didn’t want to simply catch up. After some small talk, he expressed how he regretted that our friendship ended on such a bad note and told me he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about me for the past six months. He missed his best friend and wanted to pursue a relationship. I was stunned, ya’ll! After that night, I decided that if he pursued me, then I’d give him a chance.

Krystal and Amos from Buddy to Beau

Needless to say, he did indeed pursue me, and we began to date. Throughout our courtship, Amos and I spent a considerable amount of time talking about our relationship past. I was so surprised at our difference in perspective. For so many years, I assumed that Amos knew exactly how I felt but chose to string me along when it was really a miscommunication all along ya’ll!

After 19 months of courtship and 17 months of marriage, I’m so glad that I went out to coffee with Amos that day. Regardless of our ups and downs, we wouldn’t change one detail about our story, because we learned so much about ourselves from that season. Most importantly, we’ve learned that God can take every mishap and turn it around for our good. Regardless of our mistakes, God brought us right back to each other. For that, we are eternally grateful!

Krystal Pierre
Krystal Pierre

You can connect with Krystal via Instagram at @krystalstyleslife and email KrystalStylesLife@gmail.com

Krystal and Amos Wedding Day
A Love Story: Krystal Pierre – Wedding Photo by Stanlo Photography

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