8 Lessons for the Stay at Home Mom

8 Lessons for the Stay at Home Mom

Krystal's daughters
Krystal’s daughters. Photo by Krystal Clayton

There’s so much lesson in this picture.

I see an image of myself meeting with God.

My big girl is God and I’m the baby.

We’re having a conversation about this season of my life. He also schooled me about how I was handling the past seasons of my life. I didn’t want to embrace a lot of things but I really didn’t want to embrace being a “stay at home mom”. I felt like I couldn’t do enough for my family staying at home. I wanted a job outside of the home. I wanted to get up, get dressed, drop my girls off at daycare and go to work. I felt like I was being productive and contributing to my family that way.

“I was missing the fact that God was showing me that He was answering my prayers.”

For some reason – I didn’t understand at the time – I’d get a job and somehow something would happen and I’m back at home with my children. Either my husbands work hours or our one car situation or no sitter….. me having a 9-5 job outside of the home just didn’t work. This was the particular season when I started letting God know that I was available for Him to use me. What I didn’t realize is that I hadn’t surrendered myself. I was missing the fact that God was showing me that He was answering my prayers. He’s been answering my prayers. Most of my prayers have consisted of asking God for His will to be done. Here’s the thing, I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, serving, & sharing knowledge. Maybe I couldn’t do that working a traditional 9-5.

I know. I know. You’re probably saying “You can serve and share while working a 9-5 job”. Yes, I do understand that, but God works differently in each life.

I had to see that God was giving me the same lessons over and over but I wasn’t passing the tests.”

Sometimes we don’t understand why anything that we try isn’t working out for us. We see life one way but it’s going the opposite. Moving two steps forward only to go 4 steps backward, started to become a repetitive thing in my life. When I finally started to pay attention to the cycle, I had to see that God was giving me the same lessons over and over but I wasn’t passing the tests. Which made things 10x harder for me.

It’s a must that I share some of the lessons I’ve learned in this season of motherhood:

8 Lessons for the Stay at Home Mom by Krystal Clayton

Lesson One: Try a different way

If a 9-5 is not working and that’s where I’m trying to find my security, then what else can I do? I believe that God is pushing me into my passion for entrepreneurship, serving, and sharing knowledge. Maybe God is saying that a 9-5 is not the path for me to do what He is calling me to do. Also, I was looking to find security in my job when I should’ve been seeking God as my security.

Lesson Two: My husband is not my God

I should put my trust and faith in God. Not my Husband. I would put all of my faith in my husband that he will make all ends meet because I couldn’t work. I was expecting to handle everything and have everything under control. Only to be disappointed when I found out he didn’t have the money to pay our car payment or light bill. Another lesson in this was the importance of having effective communication in my marriage.

Lesson Three: My husband and children are not a hindrance in my life

When I realized that I was seeing my husband and children in this way. I felt horrible! My husband and children are blessings. They aren’t holding me back from doing anything in my life especially when it comes to fulfilling my purpose. I was using them as an excuse instead of a reason why I should embrace every season.

Lesson Four: Get rid of the old you

Every time this happens, I’d go back to doing the same things. Having the same mindset. Feeling the same way. I would allow my emotions to determine the outcome of every situation. I had to realize that the old Krystal was not good for me. The old Krystal wouldn’t be able to pass any test. Here’s a moment of 100% transparency: I waited until the last minute to type out this post. That’s the old Krystal that is still a work in progress. Pray for me y’all. The new Krystal just showed her level of awareness.

Lesson Five: Make the necessary sacrifices

I’m now in a season of being obedient to God’s plan, and following His purpose for me. I have to be ready and willing to sacrifice everything and surrender my feelings, emotions, habits, and negative thoughts. If I continue to operate on my feelings, thoughts, and emotions, that makes me selfish. That’s proving that I don’t want to do anything for anyone else, including God. I realized that this was holding me back and sabotaging my life.

Lesson Six: Stay planted & connected to the voice of God

I was so focused on my own opinions and the opinions of others that I didn’t realize that I wasn’t hearing the voice of God. The only voice I needed to hear was the voice that I had drowned out. I had to get planted in His word, pray, and hear from Him. The Word [Bible] has all of the answers I need to pass life’s tests. Now, I seek God first before I allow myself or anyone else to speak.

Lesson Seven: Follow God’s direction

Even when I don’t know where I’m going in the seasons of life, I’m always reminded that God has a specific place prepared for me. God is like a GPS and I’m the driver. I feel that every decision will either take us back from our purpose or move us forward. Are you going to listen to God or are you going to let your surroundings and situations be your GPS?

Lesson Eight: Stay in focus

In the past, I responded with my feelings. It put me in the position that I couldn’t focus on the lesson to be learned for that season. When you’re focused you can learn those lessons. Then when you’ve learned the lesson you are prepared, and because you’re prepared you have no problem with passing the test of that season.

“Motherhood is a part of my calling”

I want freedom for myself and to help create a life of freedom for my family. God is showing me that His way is it. He’s going to create the way for me to live the life He’s called me to. No more running for me. Motherhood is a part of my calling and He’s given me the answer clearly in my face. I have it in my hands and I’m going to write the vision and make it plain for millions of other moms to learn their lessons and pass every test in their seasons of motherhood.

I leave you with my daily affirmation:

I am like a fruitful tree, planted by streams of water. I will bring forth fruit in every season, and everything I do will prosper. Psalms 1:1-3

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