Prayers for the Broken Marriage

Prayers for the Broken Marriage

I woke up from a dream, of a woman who I have never met breaking down to me on how her husband had left. I could feel the burn of her pain so deeply, as I embraced her and began to pray.

When I woke up, that burden was still pressed on my heart and I felt God calling me not just to pray, but to share this prayer as He prayed it with me.

So this is the prayer. Pray it for your marriage if you need to, pray it over someone’s marriage who you know is going through a rough patch.

Whatever you do, don’t stop praying.

Prayers for the Broken Marriage by Desirae Ofori

For the Broken Marriage

For the broken marriages on the brink of separation and divorce. I pray healing in your hearts. I pray for restoration and deliverance. I pray that there is peace in your spirit and in your marriage. I pray for reconciliation. I pray that if there has been a change in the feelings for each other, that there will be a renewal of insight for each other.

I pray that the childish natures will be transformed into maturity. I pray that where there has been deceit, that there will be honesty. I pray where there has been darkness, that there will be transparency. I pray that where there has been hurt, there will be healing. I pray that where there is discord that there will be unity. I pray where there has been misunderstanding that there will be effective communication.

I pray God that You will rebuild and renew. I pray that God that You will bring clarity to their minds. I pray that You will console and hold up the hearts that are too broken and weak. I pray that each spouse would be honest with themselves. That they would be able to look internally on what You desire for them and how You desire for them to change and move. I pray that You will bring a fresh lens.

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The Abandoned Spouse

For the spouse who has been abandoned, I pray that You will remind them that they still belong to someone, they are still loved by someone, they are still chosen first by someone, they are still being pursued by someone….You.

I pray that they will find You in ways that they never knew or could understand before. I pray that instead of running away from You that they will run towards You. I pray that You will transform their hearts from victim to victor.

I pray that they will allow You to dive into the deepest parts of their soul and restore them. That the burning of the pain of loss will be cooled with an awareness and comfort of what they can gain through You.

The Conflicted Spouse

For the spouse who can’t make up their mind. I pray that you will bring them direction. And when You bring that direction, I pray that their eyes, heart, and soul will be in the position to receive that clear direction and respond to it. Respond to it without fear of what they would look like, without fear of what others may say, without fear of how they will stay or move on.

I pray that You will rebuild their confidence in themselves and that they will see themselves as You see them.

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The Family and Friends

I pray for the family and friends who become involved by choice and by default. I pray that You will counsel them on what to say, on how to speak words of life to these spouses. I pray that You will help those family and friends through their own grief of the pain, shock, and confusion that hits them when they discover the news.

I pray that You will help those family and friends not to take out their emotions on these couples. I pray that You will bring insight and clarity. I pray that You will show them how no to disappear, but how to show up stronger and love on these couples with your agape love.

I pray that these family and friends will impart Your wisdom. I pray that in their presence Your peace will abound. I pray that You will help these family and friends to be encouraging and not disruptive nor destructive to what You are trying to do with these marriages.

Once More for the Couples

Back to the couples, I pray that Lord You will place them in the paths of those who can be used by You to speak truth, maturity, love, peace, and wisdom into their lives individually and into their marriage. I pray that no boundaries are crossed unless it’s to save a life.

Giving Thanks
God I thank You for how You see us and know every detail of us, even when we have no clue ourselves. I thank You that You are able to take every sour situation and turn it sweet for our good and Your Glory.

I thank You that You are the ultimate example of forgiveness. I thank You that You reach us into the depths of the valley’s in life and that You can easily reach us when we’re on the high points as well.

Thank You for scriptures like Psalm 23, Jeremiah 29:11-13, Romans 8:28… Thank You for simply loving us, even when we find it hard to love others and ourselves.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

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4 thoughts on “Prayers for the Broken Marriage

  1. Thank you for this beautiful prayer and I love how family was included because they do get involved and it hurts I will pray this has much has I can. My marriage has been broken for 3 years I live with my younger children and my oldest left to the military which left me even more empty but iam proud of him and he is a true blessing. My husband continues to be unfaithful and he is a different person not the same man I married. I am in the process of speaking to divorce attorneys getting advice and I see I can afford it . I don’t make much to survive on my own but I pray everyday. We all expect miracles but I pray that my husband will get to know who God is and have a ineration with him that will blow his mind and he can see the true damage this has caused our family and he can also stop his addictions. Our family and friends were In the middle and some no longer desire him. We have known each other for 22 years married 14. I just pray that we can both change that he can see the choices he’s made and he can truly be sorry for what he’s done. Every knee must bow.
    Thank you..

    1. Wow Nellie thanks for reading the prayer and I’m so glad that it spoke to you. One thing I know for sure, is that God is faithful to see us through even the hardest and tragic experiences of our lives. It never makes sense in the process, but I do believe for you that you will find joy once again. Whether you decide to stay and wait on the Lord to help reconcile the marriage, or you feel the peace to move forward and on – God will sustain you and you are stronger than you may think you are. He has you covered. <3

  2. Thank you for a wonderful pray. My marriage and my heart is broken and all I can do is pray to restored my marriage.becauseI miss him alot I get close to our Anniversary.

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