Convos with God – The Comparison Trap

Convos with God – The Comparison Trap

So, you want to be a successful blogger, influencer, podcaster, YouTuber, creative content creator. Or you want to expand your presence online, extend your reach to get people to see and engage with what you’re doing.

In this “playing field” it’s easy to get caught up in comparison. We all do it. Whether you admit it or not.

I was about to vent to God my frustrations with my struggle to compare and then this is what I heard Him say to me…

Can you do Me a favor? Stop comparing yourself.

Stop trying to be someone else. Stop second guessing your decisions and do what feels right in your heart. Be authentic. Be you.

Stop trying to be like the next blogger. Stop trying to compare your page, your website, your pictures, your marketing strategies to someone else.

Take a break from the podcasts. Seek God.

You want to be inspired? You want to find new ideas? You want to have the motivation to write and produce bodies of work that get people’s attention?

Seek Me. Seek My will. Ask Me to show you how to bring in the readers. Ask Me how to grow your reach.

You know all the technical parts of why this and that would work. But do you know the spiritual backing as to why it would or wouldn’t work? You would know it if you were seeking Me for advice.

Seek Me for approval. Seek Me for the inventions. Seek Me for the guide. Seek Me for the next step. Seek Me to make you smart. Seek Me to make you innovative.

Stop trying to be like someone else. Stop trying to be inspired by someone else only to find yourself struggling to find your way of making it unique.

There are more people in the world than who is following you on social media and subscribed to your email list. Seek Me and I will bring to you those who need what I have placed inside of you.

Go big or go home? How about you go find Me.

Find Me, and let Me show you the way. Let Me work out the networking. Let Me work out the deals. Let Me bring the business to you. Let Me make it so that you don’t have to ask of others.

Let Me help you.

Let Me in.

Let Me.

Definition of the word LET (verb): to not prevent or forbid, to grant permission, to allow.
Will you Let Him?

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