Empty Nest Syndrome: How to Survive and Thrive

Empty Nest Syndrome: How to Survive and Thrive

My purpose for sharing is to bring awareness to the Empty Nest Syndrome (ENS). It’s real, but not clinical. However, it can be devastating for some.

I’ve been encouraging parents as recent as today, who are experiencing the onset of Empty Nest Syndrome, or those who are experiencing it head on. This time of year, many parents are experiencing a bittersweet transition, as their children head off to college.

Empty Nest Syndrome is a feeling of loneliness, sadness, and loss. Some sink into depression, and become anti-social, to the point where life becomes more of a struggle or pain.

Women are more likely than men to be affected. Most often, when children are transitioning, mothers are going through other personal significant life issues, such as menopause or caring for elderly parents. Men also experience similar feelings of loss.

During my parenting years, no one prepared me, or if so I briefly heard of it, I couldn’t relate. I was at a different place in life. Due to my experience of ENS, I realized how much I can prepare others who are coming behind.

Empty Nest Syndrome How to Survive and Thrive

Tips for Surviving the Empty Nest Syndrome

For starters, begin to develop friendships, join interest groups, hobbies, career, educational opportunities, or maybe this is the time to step out, into what God has downloaded into your spirit over the years. For now, He’s only downloading and preparing you for that time. I can relate!

Realistically speaking, you’ll still miss your babies, but you’re not out! Life goes on! It’s your time to rise, shine, and be You!!

As parents, we too stepped out as young adults, to pursue our dreams. It doesn’t matter if it’s through marriage, college, or to explore the world. It’s called life! Life goes on! Live!!

Protecting your Marriage from Empty Nest Syndrome

Oh, and to the married. Consciously make an effort to be there for each other in whatever capacity you choose. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, but it takes effort. Be creative! Simple is often effective. You’re not trying to prove anything. Just don’t lose each other. Time flies, and before you realize it, you too will be heading towards being an Empty Nester.

By the way, ENS is known to be one of the contributing factors that lead to separation and divorce, after being married for 20 plus years.

Beware! Don’t grow apart along the way.

Live, love, and laugh!


Brontie Stewart is a wife of 35 years, and a mother to three adult children and one grandchild. Brontie is the founder of Agape International Women Ministry and Outreach, based in South Miami-Dade County, Florida. Their mission is to bring self-awareness, self-appreciation, and self-worth to women in need of support. Agape Women International aims to target the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being of the woman they serve, by catering to the whole person.

Do you want to talk more about Empty Nesting with Brontie or want to learn more about Agape Women International? You can contact Brontie Stewart at Ladystewart537@gmail.com


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