A Birth Story: Flavia Zaidan

A Birth Story: Flavia Zaidan


July 17th, 2015.

Exactly one year after having a late miscarriage (at 14 weeks) I was 40 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my rainbow! I could not wait to meet him! I had already had two membrane sweeps done, tried all the natural labour induction methods you can think of and no success!

We had our induction date scheduled for July 23rd and I had honestly lost hope of going in labour on my own! I could not wait to meet my little guy so I was counting the days for our induction date. Well that night I went to bed. Uncomfortable as can be, waking up every 15 minutes to pee (everything I had prayed for), but still no signs of baby coming.

At 4 am during one of my many bathroom trips, I noticed bright red spotting. I knew it could be my bloody show but wasn’t sure, so I woke my husband up and we went to the hospital right away.

Photo Credit: Flavia Zaidan


First check up: I was still at 3 cm, which meant NO changes since my last appointment, so I was sent home.

As soon as we get in the car I start having really painful contractions that were 5-7 minutes apart. We get home and the contractions started to pick up (3-4 mins.) and get even more painful. I took a shower and got ready to go back to the hospital, certain that this was it. We get there at about 9 am.

Second check upStill at 3 cm! I was told to walk around for about an hour to see if things progressed. So I did!

Third check up:  An hour later and nothing had changed. So I walked for another whole hour around the hospital…

Fourth check up: Not much had changed. I was in so much pain but could not be admitted so they gave me some morphine and was sent home to wait until the contractions were 2-3 minutes apart or unbearable.

Once again we go home.

The morphine did help a little. So during the next hours I bounced on my ball, took another looong shower and watched tv with my mom and husband while sitting on my ball. The strange thing was that my contractions were very erratic. They would come every 3 minutes, then 5, then 2 minutes, 6 minutes… just all over the place but very painful.

At 6 pm we’re back at Labor and Delivery (L&D) and I was 4 cm and finally got admitted! I laboured with Nitronox for 4 more hours and I was tolerating it well. But again, I wasn’t progressing at all. So they suggested they’d break water! I was all for it if it meant things would pick up! “Do it!” And so they did, but that’s when it got truly unbearable. I honestly thought I was going to pass out from the pain. It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. My new 10.

An hour later (eternity) I got an epidural!!! I was a new person. I was able to relax and rest a little.

On Sunday at 4:30 am I had an augmentation to try to speed things up before baby started to show signs of distress. Everything was okay until they noticed that baby was facing forward. Two doctors tried to rotate him into the right position, but weren’t successful. Along with that, I had stopped dilating. I was 8,5 cm and not changing for the last two hours, which could be due to baby’s size and position.

At 7 pm doctors came in and explained why a c-section would be our best option at that point – 39 hours after my first contractions! I simply could not believe that my dream birth was turning into a “nightmare” (pregnancy hormones will make you overreact to many situations lol). After labouring for so long, we would have to go ahead with a c-section.

But I agreed without thinking twice because it wasn’t about my dream birth, it was about the safest/less traumatic birth my son could have.

Lucas’ birth! Photo Credit: Flavia Zaidan


And so on Sunday, July 19th at 8:32 pm my baby boy made his arrival via cesarean section and I finally met Lucas, the love of my life, the rainbow after a storm… He was 9 lbs 9 oz, 20 inches long and just perfect in every way.

I am grateful for how things went even though it wasn’t how I had anticipated. And I’m also proud of myself for being patient and for accepting our fate!

This is our birth story! Hope you guys enjoyed reading it.

Adorable Baby Lucas! Photo Credit: Flavia Zaidan


Flavia is a very gifted  Photographer in London, Ontario (Canada). Like and follow her Photography page on Facebook at Flavia Zaidan Photography. You can also find more of her work and adorable photos of Lucas on Instagram @FlaviaZaidan_Photography.




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