A Birth Story: Ellie Orton-Busha

A Birth Story: Ellie Orton-Busha


Almost two years ago I saw what I had been waiting to see; a positive pregnancy test! I couldn’t believe it, was this really happening? Were my husband and I going to be what we’ve been wanting to be for a long time now? Parents? I was so happy, I rushed out to get balloons and a cute onesie to surprise my husband and share the news with him. Later that day I set up the balloons on our bed and put a little onesie in a gift box, my husband walked in our bedroom and saw everything. His facial expression went from puzzled to overjoyed, we had been praying for this!!!

Four weeks later things changed. Another two weeks go by and there’s no heartbeat. Another three weeks I miscarried. Devastated, we relied on our faith and turned to God. It was the toughest moment of our married lives and we saw how amazing it was to have each other as a support system, God definitely put us together for a reason! We prayed for a way to expand our family and our prayers were answered again three months later. This time it felt different, I was nauseous, I was tired, I was…pregnant!

We shared our amazing news with family and let a few friends know cautiously until we had confirmation everything was moving along well. We shared our joyful news 16 weeks later and then the celebrations began…we had a gender reveal party (it’s a girl!!!!! My dreams coming true), had a baby shower, and then my due date (May 3rd) came closer.

A Birth Story Ellie Orton-Busha
A Birth Story by Ellie Orton-Busha. Photo Credit: Michelle Gardner Photography


April 15th, 2016 I went for a regular prenatal checkup, my blood pressure was high on three different readings so I was sent to the hospital for monitoring. This had happened a month earlier and I came home a few hours later, so I thought I’d be home that night. At the hospital my blood pressure kept going higher and then sitting by myself in the hospital they started talking about inducing me. I refused but agreed to stay overnight. I told my husband that they would be keeping me for monitoring overnight and he joined me shortly after. The next morning I started contractions with my husband by my side!  I still ended up getting induced as my blood pressure wasn’t lowering.

See this isn’t how I wanted it, my baby girl was supposed to be born in May in a water birth with no medication, as natural as could be!!!! The next 48 hours consisted of throwing up over the side of the bed, growing anxiety, and pain that would make me crawl up to the head of the bed. I decided on having an epidural as it would help to lower my blood pressure, and I finally slept for a few hours.

Next thing I know on Monday morning (April 18th, 2016) the midwife told me I was fully dilated and it was time to start pushing. I couldn’t believe it, this is what I had been waiting for, the moment I’m going to meet my baby girl! After 3 hours, multiple positions, and the midwife turning baby girl who kept turning back, the decision was made to go into the Operating Room for a c-section. Apparently my pelvis and my daughter weren’t communicating about what was going on lol, small pelvis, big head.

Newborn Baby
Newborn baby Emily. Photo Credit: Michelle Gardner Photography


She was here!!! Our angel was here!!! She was beautiful and the sweetest thing I’d ever laid my eyes on. I couldn’t wait to hold her and kiss her and bond with my new little family. Now we can go home I thought, little did I know I would spend the next 6 days in a bed not allowed to walk around as my blood pressure was what one nurse said “getting in stroke territory”. No medication was working to lower it.

So there I laid in bed at the hospital worried about breastfeeding our amazingly sweet baby girl. Worried about the blurry spots I was seeing. I worried about how to handle being a new mom, praying that God would take care of me and my new family, and wanting to be home.

Eventually, medication took effect and I was cleared for discharge. We left at 10pm the following Friday night, April 22nd. We brought home what we’ve wanted for so long, our daughter! I am so thankful for my amazing team of doctors and nurses that God gave me.  They knew how to talk to a scared soon-to-be mom, how to calm me down, and how to make me laugh.

One year old
Baby Emily’s One Year Old Birthday Photos. Photo Credit: Michelle Gardner Photography


I knew that everything that happened was meant to happen in order for us to meet our Emily. It was meant to teach me many lessons, and has also allowed me to be more compassionate to others. I learned that being a mom means you can’t plan every single thing perfectly and that having a child will cause things to be out of control at times.

I LOVE being a mom and every time I hear Emily’s laugh or see her smile my heart feels like it’s about to explode with love. I would endure every single pain again, the pain of miscarriage, the pain of labor, the pain of breastfeeding, to meet our sweet angel. I thank God every day for allowing me to have this honor of being Emily’s mommy!

Emily with Mommy and Daddy
Emily with Mommy and Daddy. Photo Credit: Michelle Gardner Photography


CONGRATULATIONS ELLIE on becoming DR. ELLIE ORTON-BUSHA! Yesterday (5/19/2017), Ellie graduated from Nova Southeastern University with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy with the HIGHEST honors!! What an amazing accomplishment! We celebrate you! ~Sincerely, Mrs. Mommy

Photography Credit belongs to Michelle Gardner Photography. You can find more of her work on the website www.MichelleGardnerPhotography.com and on Facebook www.facebook.com/michellegardnerphotography




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  1. Such a beautiful story with an amazing message never give up on your faith.. so happy for you Ellie god bless…

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