Sisterhood: Knowing the Value of Your Tribe

Sisterhood: Knowing the Value of Your Tribe


There is so much value and strength in the support of a sister. It doesn’t matter if you’re bonded by blood, or through a budding and close friendship. When you have a great sister, the joys of life are that much more exciting, and the burdens become a bit lighter to bear.  Through Single life, Married Life, Motherhood, Divorce, or Sickness, ‘The Sisterhood’ is important.

A few months ago, my friend Jaymi suggested for me to do a blog post, and along with our friend Abby, a Mommy and Me photo shoot that would highlight Sisterhood. I thought it was a great idea! Since all of our kids are either half or part Ghanaian, we decided to have matching African outfits made.  Below are a few pictures from our session along with a little nugget from each of us sharing what the value of Sisterhood means to us. I hope you enjoy, and share with the ladies of your Sisterhood Tribe.


Mommy and Me Photo Session, African Ankara Maxi Skirts, Kids Ankara Outfit
“Motherhood is a sisterhood…we’ve got to stick together” – Jaymi Yamoah Photo Credit: Donald Gadson


Sisterhood Motherhood African Skirt Ankara Skirt
“It’s a treasure to have a sister who gets you, and reminds you that you’re phenomenal!” – Desirae Ofori Photo Credit: Donald Gadson


Jaymi Yamoah: Co-Founder of Out of Zion

“Sister… You grow up together. You understand each other. You fight with each other. You know each other deeply. You can share thoughts and exchange understanding without words. You feel each other’s pain. You hurt when she hurts. She is a part of you. This is most deeply felt in the home of origin… BUT it can also be experienced among sister-friends. Doing life alongside some of my besties has showed me how that bond of sisters can transcend outside the home of origin. We can indeed share each other’s burdens. Know each other rawly! A true sister-friend is able to recover from a confrontation or a misunderstanding. That’s one thing I have always appreciated about Ghanaian culture. Communication is direct. Let’s get to the bottom of this and settle the issues, rather than sweeping it under the rug. Abby knows what I’m talking about here!

When I personally faced the greatest hardship of my life, my sons’ diagnosis of a brain tumor… I was surrounded by loving sisters and sister-friends who wanted to share the burden with me. Now walking through grief after my Zion’s transition to glory, I am grateful for sister-friends who take the risk of being in my life. It’s not an easy one. But taking the risk allows for community to happen. Take a risk and love someone who’s hurting. Motherhood is a sisterhood indeed, and we’ve got to stick together.” ~ Jaymi


In Memory of Jaymi’s first born son, Zion. Photo Credit: Donald Gadson
African Outfit, Ankara Outfit, Mommy and Me Photos
Jaymi with her beautiful daughter Zoe. Photo Credit: Donald Gadson


Abby Gadson:  Co-Founder of Family For a Lifetime

“From the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, no one person can ever see the totality of their body. You need a mirror. A full length mirror, at that. Same goes for the inside of a person. No matter how much you analyze and self-assess your character, you will never see the totality of who you are without God and the truth of His word, showing you-you. He often uses our interactions with others to also accomplish this. Our relationships with our children, parents, in-laws, coworkers, bosses… all of these interactions are opportunities to see ourselves more clearly, if we so dare. The same way looking in a mirror can help to improve your skills in applying your makeup or doing your hair, allowing our relationships to be a mirror will reveal areas we need to improve and inspire a desire to figure out how we can do it.

In college, I was fortunate to establish deep, meaningful, lifelong connections with a close group of friends that are now my sisters. As an only child, these sisters have grown to mean the world to me! They say friends are the family you choose. I am so grateful for the challenge, humor, candor, acceptance, accountability and love that our bond of sisterhood provides. They afford me the opportunity to know and to be known. I would be a miserable, mirror-less, stunted soul without my sisters. They make me better.” ~ Abby


African Outfit, Ankara Outfit, Mommy and Me Photos
Abby with her adorable daughter Gia. Photo Credit: Donald Gadson


Sisterhood Motherhood African Skirt Ankara Skirt
“I am so grateful for the challenge, humor, candor, acceptance, accountability and love that our bond of sisterhood provides. They afford me the opportunity to know and to be known.” – Abby Gadson Photo Credit: Donald Gadson


Desirae Ofori, Creator of Sincerely, Mrs. Mommy

“Every mom deserves to experience the bond of sisterhood through motherhood. There’s something so special about being able to share the laughs and smiles of the high days and the tears and frustration of the low days. It’s a treasure to have a sister who gets you, and reminds you that you’re phenomenal!  And on those days when you feel like you’re falling completely apart, wishing you could disappear for a few, she reminds you, “you’ve got this girl!” She may whisper a quick prayer that revives you. She may give you a silent hug that says “I’m here for you”. She may even go as far to watch the kids for you, so you can have some time to yourself.  She could even share a quick text of encouragement, or tag you in a funny Mom life meme that sums up all the feels. The sisterhood is a blessing. I can’t imagine walking the journey of motherhood without my tribe. Ladies, you know who you are, and I am so blessed because of you.” – Desirae


Mommy and Me matching outfit, Mommy and Son Matching Outfit
Desirae with her handsome son Samson. Photo Credit: Donald Gadson


To connect further with Jaymi Yamoah and Abby Gadson and to learn more about Out of Zion and Family For A Lifetime, check out the links below.

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Sincerely, Mrs. Mommy



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  1. Absolutely perfect! As Jaymi’s big sister I am beaming with pride! Sisterhood is a powerful relationship I am blessed to experience with her and I am continuously encouraged by the journey of sisterhood we can experience with our sister friends too. Abby has been a blessing to my sis which has been a blessing to me! This post is so uplifting and you all are beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, the list can go on and on!!! God bless these precious babies and their strong mommas too! Xoxo

    And thank you for honoring Zion too 💙

    1. I’ve always admired Jaymi from way back when at Southeastern. She is such a beautiful soul. I loved that she came up with the idea and I feel so blessed that she was willing to share Zion with us. Abby and Jaymi made this so easy to put together. Thanks Lia!

      1. This is absolutely beautiful. You are all beautiful inspiring women of God and your children are blessed to have such wonderful Moms. And its so wonderful how my nieces friends and our loving family continue to honor my nephew Zion. May God Continue to Bless all the beautiful moms and children.

        Jaymi’s aunt Jenny xxoo

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