A Birth Story: Sherria Joye

A Birth Story: Sherria Joye


Here’s the birth story of our SURPRISE Gender Home Birth #2!

My first contraction woke me around 3:30am. After a failed attempt to go back to sleep, I began timing them and quickly noticed they were less than 5 minutes apart. I knew I needed them to continue for an hour. So I waited. I laid in bed and held my husband, Justin’s hand. The contractions clearly grew in intensity because I eventually squeezed his hand hard enough to wake him.

An hour later I decided to start making calls. The first to our midwife, Misti. I always feel “bad” calling and waking her in the middle of the night (she delivered our first and the two births were very similar). Use to these types of calls, she answered at 4:30am and sweetly asked, “are you trying to have a baby?” I laughed and then remembered my low, deep sounds as a contraction hit. She waited until it was over and commented “that was a good one”. She offered to come, and I told her we’d be okay for a while longer and would call when we needed her.

I then called my mom who answered with, “didn’t I tell you not to have that baby today?!” She let me know she was going to take her time, try to get some more sleep, and then get ready for the hour drive. “Mothers know best” – after we spoke she decided she needed to get up and head our way.


Laboring in Birthing Pool Water Birth Home Birth
Laboring in the Birthing Pool.
Photo by Megan Soto Photography


True to form with our last, we never called the midwife back and almost instinctively, she just knew to head over. She let her self in around 6am. Same as last time, she found me on the floor, vocalizing through each wave of contractions. At this point she told Justin to go ahead and get started on the pool. We made it upstairs to our room so she could check me on the bed. She chuckled, 9cm! (With our first, I was 8cm at this point).

My mom arrived about 6:30am to help out with Hendrix, our 1.5 yo who had woken up early from all the excitement.
About 7am I got in the pool before it was even done filling with water. I needed the relief that water brings!

Quite different from the birth of our first, I instinctively knew it was time to push and unlike before, I needed little instruction. With the next contraction I took a deep breath, tucked my chin and pelvis and pushed. I could hear Justin reassuring me that our baby was well on their way. 2-3 pushes later out came a head. Just a few minutes later, our second baby was born right into Justin’s arms.


Water Birth Delivery Smiling Couple
Excitement after the delivery!
Photo byMegan Soto Photography 


“It’s a Jasper” Justin exclaimed! My mom brought our son upstairs and Justin told them it was a boy. We began to tell Hendrix he had a baby brother. How full my heart would be with my little family of males…


Home Birth, Big Brother holding Little Sister
Big brother Hendrix meeting his little sister Selah.
Photo byMegan Soto Photography


…about 10 minutes later I took a peak between Jasper Cross’ little legs, “IT’S A GIRL!!” I shouted to the room. Selah Parker Joye was born in the comfort of our home, February 21, 2017 at 7:40am. Just 4 hours 10 minutes of labor.


Selah Joye Newborn baby girl wrapped in blanket
Selah Parker Joye.
Photo by Megan Soto Photography


Sincerley, Sherria Signture


4 thoughts on “A Birth Story: Sherria Joye

  1. Welcome to my second Grandchild Selah, your Pa-pop, has been waiting for you…I am SO VERY PROUD OF MY CHILDREN, but Sherria was my First Born. My Daddy skills were all created for/by her and I still love her with all my heart, now I have to go get a bigger heart for my new Daughter..Great job baby, Daddy loves you.

  2. So wonderfully happy and thankful to our Awesome GOD for this precious 2 ND great grandbaby Selah Joye (Hendrix being the 1 St) and thanking The Lord for the wonderful parents Justin and Sherria!!!!! Love FOREVER…Meme

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