Our Adoption Story: Kayla Amaro

Our Adoption Story: Kayla Amaro

When you’re young, you tend to plan out what your life will look like. For some of us, we imagine successful careers. For me, I imagined getting married and having lots of kids. However, God sometimes has other plans for us. Plans that don’t necessarily line up with what we imagine to be perfect. When I met my husband we both agreed that our goal of becoming parents was top priority. After we were married we waited for the good news. It didn’t come. Still, we waited. Still, it didn’t come. Finally, we began to be proactive and scheduled doctor visits which turned into fertility specialists. Months turned into years and if you have ever gone through the trial of conceiving with fertility issues, then you know that each month when that test reads negative, a little piece of your heart crumbles.

Still we grew closer to the Lord and knew exactly what He was telling us to do. We had talked previously about our desire to adopt at some point, especially since I, myself am adopted. So, we decided to go for it. We prayerfully began putting things in order and making phone calls. In the process, we heard about a baby girl in foster care that needed a forever family. We began the paperwork, took the classes, got a home study, and began visiting with the baby. Again, months went by and we steadily called to check on the process every week until one day, WE received a call. It was the social worker calling to tell us that she was sorry to inform us that the little girl had been adopted by another family. Once again, we were faced with the awful feeling of loss and grieved silently, but we were as determined as ever.


I remember sitting in church one Sunday morning soon after this loss and feeling the Lord speak to me saying, “Ask and you will receive what your heart desires.” Something moved me that day to go to the altar during the invitation and get down on my knees and pray. I prayed to God like this every Sunday and each and every day at home. At the time, my dad held Bible study every Wednesday and I asked each week to be anointed with oil and for my fellow believers to lay their hands on me and pray. As our faith grew, we decided to move on to a different adoption agency. We were back to square one.

By chance, I ran into an old friend from High School and she shared with me her involvement in the organization Catholic Charities in their adoption program. She suggested I give one of the social workers a call to get some more information on how to adopt through them. Before we knew it, we were taking more classes, updating our home study, and creating a family profile book. We prayed about the funds (adoptions are typically $20,000 and up) and each time, the Lords answer was “I Am faithful and I will provide”.  Then came the wait. During this time, we began fundraising. We did barbeques and yard sales, and our church held a beautiful spaghetti dinner. We were moved and humbled that so many people wanted to help us bring a little one home. God kept His promise and provided a way for every cent and every time we needed it, the funding was there in the exact amount we needed. It was miraculous.


This is the part in the story where I really learned about God’s perfect timing. As we began our wait, we learned how to pray in faith. We learned to go ahead and thank the Lord for our Blessings that would manifest soon. We BELIEVED that our child was on its way. We were advised to be careful decorating the future baby’s room because it could be a negative reminder that there was not yet a baby to put in there.  However, I found comfort in decorating that room, praying in that room, crying in that room, and listening to worship music in that room because I knew God’s promise and His faithfulness was true.

We learned to go ahead and thank the Lord for our Blessings that would manifest soon. We BELIEVED that our child was on its way.

On April 11, 2014 I went to work in Auburndale. I was driving home on I-4 around 4:00 that afternoon when I received a call. It was our social worker asking if we could come to Spring Hill to meet a special little boy that was one week old and needed a Mommy and Daddy immediately. I must’ve asked her 5 times what exactly she meant. We dropped everything and made our way to Spring Hill and by 8:30 that evening, we were parents, meeting our son for the first time. He was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen and I couldn’t keep myself from crying tears of utter joy and amazement. Just like that, our wait was over.


Baby Finnley


Born about 8 weeks early he was a tiny 3 pounds and 13 ounces.  We couldn’t believe what love our heavenly Father had for us that he would give us this incredible gift. We had to spend another few weeks in the NICU during which time we were not allowed to bring in visitors or even share pictures. This was of course very difficult for anxious grandparents and other family members. A few weeks went by and we spent every moment possible with our baby, driving back and forth to Spring Hill daily to do as much kangaroo care, feedings, and diaper changes as possible. Nothing compares to that feeling of finally holding YOUR baby, skin to skin, feeling his little heartbeat, his little breaths and knowing that it’s all real. We were released from the NICU when he reached 4 pounds and could eat on his own without a feeding tube. Another few home visits over the span of a year, and we finalized the adoption in June, 2015.


Daddy, Mommy and Baby Finnley


Today, Finnley Maddox is a beautiful, healthy, spunky 3 year old that is a living, breathing manifestation of God’s perfect love and faithful promise and we can’t wait to expand our family through adoption as we begin the process all over again.


Kayla and Finnley

If you would like to get in touch with Kayla, you can message her via Facebook, Kayla Mcleod Amaro.


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  1. Your story is beautiful. Finnley is blessed.to.have such a loving, caring Christian family. Love to all. I will miss seeing him and u daily.God bless

  2. Awesome story!! I read it earlier this week! It brought me to tears! We often take for granted the things God has blessed us with. I’m so happy for Kayla!

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