Our Journey Home

Our Journey Home

It was pretty obvious that we needed more room. As a family we were growing and bursting by the seams. We needed more room for Samson, a proper home office, creativity and invention space, storage, and ease of hosting family and friends. Plus, if we were to have another little one come along, we needed to make a change. It was time, and the time was now.

At the start of the Summer 2016 our decision to sell our townhouse was confirmed. The purchase of a new home was contingent on the sale of the townhouse. So we put the house on the market and within about a week, the calls started coming in and showings were being scheduled. We continued to live in the townhouse through this process. wp-1489240767984.jpg

While the townhouse showed promise to sell pretty quickly, we were on a wild hunt to find our new home. There were about three homes we were seriously interested in. We made offers on two, but they didn’t work out. Then we signed a contract on a new build that we could customize. However, about a few weeks in, that didn’t work out either. So we moved on.

Finally, in October, after a few offers on the townhouse, we accepted one. Within about a week, we found the house of our dreams. It combined all the details we loved about the other three homes, including the extras we had to cut out of the new build. We signed the contract, and worked on setting a double closing (to close on both homes on the same day). We expected to close and move Thanksgiving week. However, that week the buyers lending fell through. Remember, we had to sell the townhouse first, before we could close on the new home. We were devastated and nervous about losing the new house.

Then along came another buyer and we accepted their offer.  We were set to close and move around Christmas.  The week before Christmas, we find out that this new buyers lending fell through. At this point we’ve been on such a roller coaster. Our emotions are everywhere, positive, sad, hopeful, disappointed, frustrated, confused, second guessing the decision to move period. Mind you half of our home is packed away in boxes since November.  We really had to lean on the support of each other, the go-getter attitude of our realtor, and the encouraging words and prayers of our close friends and family.


Suddenly we get a cash buyer offer on New Years Eve! This could be the one! The day before we were expected to leave out of town we’re told just wait one more day because we may be able to close that day. So we change our plans, only to find out the night before the proposed closing… that cash buyer decided to walk away from the deal.

Now, you can imagine the STRUGGLE to stay positive, keep the faith, and that yes this is still the right decision. Our builder for the new home, was growing impatient. They eventually told us they were going to put the home back on the market, and that if they received an offer we had 72 hours to  close the deal or else they would sell it someone else. We didn’t have any other options for a buyer. Frankly, I just wanted to give up on the whole thing, take a break, save more money, regroup and start again in a few months. However, something kept tugging at us don’t give up just yet. If the home was meant for us, it was meant for us, and nothing could stop it. What God has for us is for us.

Our realtor Eddie Crockett, asked the lender to recheck our financials and reconsider our ability to rent out the townhouse. Numbers were rechecked and adjustments on our part were made. We secured a renter and were approved to move forward. The day of closing, we were hit again, and had to wait an hour before getting the go to sign documents. FINALLY we signed and it was done! It felt surreal, and actually took a couple of weeks for it to sink in.


Barely two weeks later, we get a call that an investor was interested in the townhouse.  They see the house, they make an offer, we accept, and close the following week. After months of back and forth, the townhouse was sold in ONE WEEK!

So what did we learn? Trust God and the timing of your life. This has been one of the most challenging experiences for our little family, but I’m so grateful that we made it through. Right towards the end of this journey I saw someone post, ‘Delayed doesn’t mean denied’. There are so many situations that statement could be applied to. The journey may take longer than you expected or hoped for. Sometimes you are being saved for something better. Or it could just be that there is a different direction that you need to take. Keep the faith. Don’t give up. Lean on people who will support you. Remember, delayed doesn’t mean denied. We hope that you are encouraged by our story.




4 thoughts on “Our Journey Home

  1. Amen…I was so blessed and encouraged by this. Although me and hubby haven’t nearly gone through all of that ….the financial struggle is certainly there. Thank you for your post..it was most supporting

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  2. Hi I’m reading this a year later (saw it in on your instastory) but it is so relevant to my current situation today. This is exactly what me and my husband and kids are going through. So many degree levels of highs in lows on finding a house. Just like you I want to throw in the towel and start all over but something is tugging on my heart to stick out. Thanks for sharing your testimony it’s exactly what I needed to hear in this present moment to keeping moving forward. God bless you and your family.

    1. Wow Tiffany! I’m so glad that it’s still relevant to someone even a year later. Don’t ignore that tug! A year later and I’m so glad that we didn’t give up and have no regret of our home. The process was worth it. Let me know when you get your breakthrough!! <3 <3 <3

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