My Year for JOY!

My Year for JOY!

As most people tend to do at the end of the year, I’ve been doing some self reflections. Nationwide and worldwide 2016 held a lot of grief and loss. However, in our home, I’m thankful to say we had a pretty good year! Last year minutes before midnight, I jotted down prayers and hopes for 2016. Looking back at that journal entry, I see a lot that did come to pass, and I see how much I’ve grown this past year.

Some highlights: For our 6th Wedding Anniversary Sam and I went on a mini getaway to Michigan. We took some fierce nontraditional family photos. In June Samson turned 1! I started this blog ‘Sincerely, Mrs Mommy’ and re-discovered my voice. Samson had his first plane ride to Delaware. We put our home up for sale and found our dream home (still waiting to close on both). Sam and I both received advancement in our careers. One of the BEST victories was uninterrupted sleep! For the last half of the year, Samson has been sleeping 11-12 hours most nights! Praise Jehovah!!! Y’all we were zombies for 13 months! It’s amazing what uninterrupted sleep will do for your mind, body and soul.

This year I wanted to still jot down prayer and hopes, but I wanted to be a little different and less limiting to God. What more could He, would He, have done had I not limited him to that prayer list?

Yesterday, I was inspired by my friend Veneis, who stated that her word for 2016 was Elevation. Meaning that she wanted to go higher in every aspect of her life during 2016. I LOVED that and I thought, I should do the same for 2017! My word for the year… but for the next few hours after reading that post I struggled to come up with a word.

Then around 10pm, after tidying up around the house I found it!

I found a forgotten Almond Joy candy bar in Samson’s book bag. I literally bought it on the way to church that night, and that quickly I forgot I had it. I felt soo much joy when I pulled out that little candy bar. It was like everything I wanted and needed all wrapped in one. I was feeling a bit worn out and honestly a little down. I was trying to pick myself up, because I didn’t want to enter the new year in pointless funk. That candy bar was the perfect pick me up. Just even the discovery of it. Oh you sweet Almond Joy, I love you!

And that’s when it hit me… Joy. Joy! My word for the year 2017 is JOY! I want more joy in my spiritual life, marriage, parenting, finances, job/career, the pursuit of entrepreneurship, health, in all things, every aspect of my life…. I want joy!

Merriam-Webster’s definition of Joy:

That is everything I hope for. And yes, I know life may never be all smiles, giggles and fluffed like cotton candy. Yet, in the midst of those low and uncomfortable times, there can still be comfort via joy. Even in James 1:2-3 NKJV, it says “Brethren, count it all joy, when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.” Joy doesn’t depend on the situation or circumstances to be perfect. Joy can be the strength and the motivation you need to keep pursuing more out of life.

Up to this morning, typical Sunday Morning rush! Once I got in the car, I started singing that old Sunday School song, I’ve Got the Joy Down in my Heart. Then I belted the song, The Joy of the Lord is my Strength. Even Samson tried singing along. I forced myself to experience joy in spite of what could have gone unplanned. And when I tell you I was able to enjoy Praise and Worship soooo much more this morning in Church… even with having Samson perched on my hips the entire set. Lord, that boy is heavy! I still had so much Joy in my heart and I knew, this was definitely my year for Joy!

Nehemiah 8:10… The joy of the Lord is my strength!

So, as typical with all Sincerely, Mrs Mommy posts, here’s some encouragement.

Take some time to think of what you would like your 2017 to look like. What goals, aspirations, hopes and dreams do you want to see manifest. What would you like to see changed and improved in your life? Then choose a word that embodies all of that, and make it your word for the year. Make it a daily reminder. Write it down, make it your screensaver, post it on your refrigerator, in your car, on your mirror, print it out – frame it – put it up in your office or on a wall in your home! Go for it! You can’t always control the circumstances that you fall into, but you can always control your feelings, emotions, and how you react to them. Go big for 2017! I’m going big for more joy! Happy New Year!!


EDIT: So, how did 2017 play out? Did I keep my joy? Stay tuned to read my recap of 2017 and my word for 2018. Hint, it starts with the letter J!


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