My not so Secret Instagram Life

My not so Secret Instagram Life

My “secret” is out! About 2.5 years ago I started an alternate private Instagram page…as an anonymous woman trying to conceive (TTC) a baby.

I wanted a place where no-one knew me. I wanted a place where I could connect with other women who were in a similar journey. Women who understood my frustrations, my excitements, my curiosity, my need to be transparent and unjudged. I needed a place to freely express every and any emotion or thought I had regarding conception, pregnancy and eventually motherhood.

I was in search of a community, a sisterhood. I also wanted to be a source of positivity and encouragement to those who were battling infertility. My heart is so drawn to women dealing with infertility. It’s just not fair that there are so many deserving women who desire so deeply to be mothers, yet struggle to make that dream come true.

It wasn’t long before I made some friends and eventually became part of an incredible sisterhood of moms and mothers in waiting. I learned and grew so much from their support. A lot of what I know now, is because of the experiences shared and the millions of questions they’ve answered. I’ve become so close to many of them, I call them my mommy friends and Samson’s Instagram Aunties. Many of us have journeyed with each other through TTC, Pregnancy Tests, Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood. I have even met a couple of ladies in person.

The page name ‘Journey2Mommyland’ is self explanatory. It was my safe haven on my journey to motherhood. On that Instagram page I’ve documented pretty much everything and anything on my journey of TTC (trying to conceive), Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery prep, Post-Partum, Motherhood… it’s an open book.

I started my blog “Sincerely, Mrs Mommy” as an extension of that Instagram page. I felt it was a more “appropriate” platform to share in depth what I’ve learned, my experiences and my reflections. This is a blog of resources and encouragement for women of all stages of being a woman and motherhood.

I have a lot more in mind of where to take the blog. Yet, I know there are so many more women out there who are in search right now, (whether they know it or not) for a safe place to ask questions, gain information, and to dialogue with someone who is willing to be just as honest and supportive.

I say all of this as a welcome you to check out that Instagram page and join my journey. I’ve re-opened the page to the public and after this post I’m renaming it to match the blog, @SincerelyMrsMommy. Why? For one, it’s getting harder and harder to keep it under “wraps”. Secondly, I know there’s a lot more ladies out there who are where I started and even where I am now. We just want a safe place to connect, and get real feedback with an honest outlook in a positive light.

My heart is beating so fast and I’m nervous! Yet, the feeling I have that this will be a huge help to others is greater than any anxiety I may have about opening up that part of my life. I know this is needed and wanted.

I may never know who all I’m inspiring, but I know my openness is inspiring someone, at least one person…me.

Sincerely, Desirae Ofori

@journey2mommyland = @sincerelymrsmommy


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