What about the Daddies?

What about the Daddies?

It’s well known that once baby is born, mom and dad are pretty much chopped liver. Basically, all the attention goes to the baby. The baby is greeted first, then mom, then dad. We know it’s all of out love for our children, and I’m sure we’d rather have them loved than ignored. Women in general are social beings, whether we like big groups, small groups, or one on one. If needed, we can usually find one or two other women to gather support from. There are support groups, mommy blogs, mommy and me play groups, play dates, the list goes on and on. This is pretty normal and expected for mom’s to get involved or connected in someway.

However, what about the Daddies? Where are their support groups, their blogs, their play dates… ok, that last one may or may not raise your eyebrow, haha. Yet, seriously dad’s are going through as much of a transition as mom. Maybe not in the same ways, but there is an adjustment to move into. Life is different for them too. All of a sudden, there is so much more responsibility, love and concern that they may or may not have realized would come. Sometimes, there is confusion of how macho to be, or how sensitive to be to the little one who has steamrolled their hearts. If there is no strong father figure, or fellow male role-models to talk to, where do they turn? How do they know what kind of support to provide to the family, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually? While there is some support out there, sometimes it’s not as easy to find for dad’s. Also, guys lets be honest, you may not be the first one to jump up and ask for help or support for yourselves. I bet though, that once you run into a conversation with another dad about your experience there is a level of excitement that you feel inside. You’re reminded that you’re not in a club on your own, you’ve just joined one of the most honorable hoods around. The Dad Hood!


Well daddies, and mama’s who are reading this there’s good news! I have something to share with you. My good friend Donald Gadson, Jr. has started a podcast, made for dad’s. It’s called The Black Daddy Podcast. Don’t let the name trick you, it’s not just for black dad’s. The mission of the podcast is to bring inspiration, and insight on family, faith and finances. There are several episodes ready for you to check out. He and his featured guests, discuss varying topics such as fatherhood, marriage, finances, foster care, social media, identity and even their amazing Supernatural Childbirth story. Ladies, this podcast is beneficial to you as well. We often wonder what guys are thinking, and sometimes don’t realize what they’re going through. It’s nice to get a clear and new perspective to add to our insight.

We had the huge honor to be interviewed by Donald and his wife Abby for their latest episode on the podcast. We discussed this blog, marriage, parenting, and our bi-monthly group date ministry, Marriage First. Take a click on the link below to listen to the interview. We had a lot of fun, and there are some stand out nuggets to glean from. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the interview and the Black Daddy Podcast!

Black Daddy Podcast Interview with the Ofori’s



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