Happy First Birthday Letter to Samson

Happy First Birthday Letter to Samson

Happy 1st Birthday Samson Cole, my sweet baby boy! You are my pride and joy! There aren’t enough words in the world to express the depth and width of my love for you! Thank you for choosing me to be your Mommy. I’m honored and feel so blessed to have you as my own. My very first baby!

From day 1 you have been a joy! Having you and taking care of you the past year has been my biggest accomplishment. It’s been amazing to watch you grow and develop. I love your big bright eyes, your big curly hair,  your infectious laugh, and your love for people. You’re a friendly little boy and everyone who’s around you can’t help but smile, fall in love and feel the joy you exude. You are smart, funny, physically strong, independent, and observant. You love to explore and you learn so quickly! You’re sloppy kisses and hugs are the best!!

You have already lived up to your name Samson Cole. Samson- Like the Sunshine. Cole- The people’s victor. You are everything and more that Daddy and I have prayed and dreamed of you to be.

This past year, has been a ride! You have taught me so much. I learned how to be lovingly patient. I grasped the understanding of unconditional love. I grew in my faith and awe in God. I discovered that early mornings, although exhausting, are not that bad. I’ve finally found the one thing I can proudly say I’m really really good at; being your mother!

This year has been hard work, but it’s been good work and so worth it. Being your Mommy has grown me as a woman and person in ways that I would never imagined. I can’t & won’t imagine my life without you.

Some of my hopes & prayers for you as you continue to grow include…
May you always know much you are loved. May you always know and feel the love of God in your life. May you always be dedicated and successful in your endeavors. May you be the kind of leader that motivates and inspires people to be and do better.  May you always have a kind and giving spirit. May you be wise with discernment. May you be assertive and strong. May you always feel secure and confident in yourself. May you always see yourself the way God sees you and created you to be. May the favor and blessings of God follow you all the days of your life!

I love you Samson! Thanks for an amazing first year!

With all my heart and love,


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