25 “ME Time” Tips by Real Women

25 “ME Time” Tips by Real Women

We as Ladies tend to carry several roles; wife, mom, career woman, daughter, sister, friend, caregiver, etc.  What’s so awesome about us, is our ability to multitask these roles.  Whether we feel that we’re doing a great job or not, we still need to carve out some “ME Time”.  It’s imperative and dare I say, dangerous if we don’t make time for ourselves.  As a new mom searching for some form of balance, I definitely understand the benefit of Me Time more than before.  Just like a car, running on empty doesn’t get you anywhere, riding on low fuel isn’t healthy either.  I love how my friend, Abby Gadson put it, “…me time is a form of selfishness, but it’s not for selfish ambition. It’s for health and wholeness, which is actually a generous gesture to our loved ones. #SelfishGenorosity.”

I reached out to 25 family and friends, of diverse ages, backgrounds, and stages of life. Here are some of their favorites for making time for themselves:


● “Getting pampered.  Pedi/mani and sport a new hair do.” ~Brontie

● “There are many ways I celebrate myself.  However, my favorite one is to go on a brunch or lunch date with a bestie for good food, honest chats, & laughter at least once a month.” ~Esther

● “I know as a single parent, I thought I needed to consume my time with [my daughter] at all times.  I found myself feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt if I felt stressed and was losing patience.  I found that from time to time I need to get a sitter and that’s OK.  It helps me balance myself mentally so I’m equipped to give her my all at all other times.” ~Keri

● “Definitely exercise, especially running outdoors.  During those times I have the best talks with God while appreciating the miracles of His greatness.  I also love to get pedicures.  I mean who doesn’t like to get pampered by having their feet massaged and looking fabulous!” ~Jackie

● “As a mom, you need to learn if you wait for “the moment” to have some quality time, you may never have it. A cup of hot coffee, a 10 minute shower, an entire Netflix episode, a mani/pedi day or enjoy my favorite music super loud on my way to work…quality over quantity.” ~Andrea

● “My favorite thing here lately is going to the gym by myself 3 days a week.  After each work out session I go into the massage chair room at my gym and get a massage while listening to my favorite book for at least 15 minutes before life strikes back up.” ~Tia


● “Honestly it isn’t easy making time for myself. I’m a SAHM [stay at home mom] and that means my daugther is ALWAYS with me.  At first I found myself getting frustrated with her and my husband because I thought I had to do it all and do it all well.  Be supermom was my mantra.  But that mentally did not work for long.  Being so far from family and not being comfortable with leaving her alone with strangers, we had to setup a comfortable and safe network.  So, she is in Preschool twice a week and ballet once a week.  It isn’t much but I’m never that far away from her.  I’m able to breathe, have quiet time or run some quick errands.  My husband and I tag team.  We have date nights when she goes to bed or when the Grandparents are around and that works for us.  My big tip is to do what is right for you and your family.” ~Iris

● “Buy a new type of tea to enjoy every couple of months.  Light candles, read a book, watch a movie, listen to music, drink tea and eat my gourmet cookies from TJ Maxx. I also had a wine monthly subscription for a couple of years; a new bottle each month” ~Marcie

● “I’m pretty introverted, so frankly speaking most of the time I spend alone feels like my “me time”.  I am fairly protective of it because I feel I can’t “do people” without it.  I love NAPPING, internet browsing to research my interests and other random minutia, painting my nails and Reality TV (my guilty pleasure) are just a few.” ~Tomeka

● “Reading, watching TV, unwind with a glass of wine, and long drives.” ~Crystal

● “I am blessed to have 30 minutes to an hour per day before the kids start getting home. I’ve chosen that to be my private time with God.  I try to disconnect from the world and regain my spiritual balance.  It’s the best way for me to combat the single mom, “no me time” lifestyle.” ~Chelley

● “Currently with my newborn, my me time priority is getting a nice shower every night and zoning out to my worship music for at least 20 minutes.  Even if it means staying up later/sacrificing my sleep.  I need that hot steam, nice body wash aromatherapy and Holy Spirit to refresh, refocus and rejuvenate my body n soul.  Any new mom knows a simple shower feels like a spa treatment LOL!  Add your favorite body scrub, wash or oil to the regimen and you will feel like a new woman.” ~Abby


● “As a mom, wife, career woman, time is limited.  What I do is carve some “ME” time out to do things I enjoy.  The key is to put it on my calendar and follow through.  I find it very encouraging to have the support of my husband and children.” ~Alicia

● “I enjoy being alone now.  I truly value my time alone when I get it.  Also, I’ve gotten back into reading.  Lastly, traveling when my son’s with Grandma.” ~Tonya

● “I like to drink tea.  I love tea time, it allows me quiet, relaxation and comfort.  I also like to salsa dance.  Although I can’t do this every weekend like I used to now since I’m married and a mom, I do try to dance once every few months.  I feel most myself and most free when I’m dancing.” ~Chan

● “Just recently I have begun to let go of Mommy guilt and take some time for me.  Exercise time for me is nonnegotiable.  Whether I go while they are at school or I leave them with my husband and go to the gym or close the door and workout at home when he gets home, but it has to get done. It clears my mind and makes me feel like I accomplished something for myself.  Also, I had to learn how to say that I needed a break without feeling guilty.  Sometimes on the weekend I will just go have coffee and read just to rest my mind.  It’s not easy for me because I feel like there is always something I could or should be doing but I am learning a little at a time how to do me again.” ~Kristin

● “I’m not a mommy (yet) but I am a wife and I like to take a few minutes a day and walk or workout.  No matter what mood I’m in or how stressed out I am, that helps me focus on me and I feel refreshed when I come back.” ~Jenn

● “Spending time with like minded girlfriends.  Being able to leave and trust your spouse/friend/relative to watch the kid(s) so you can have a stress free, relaxing time.” ~Melissa


● “Exercise! It builds self esteem and better health.” ~Tamay

● “I just like being by myself.  Even if I’m at home, I like when my husband goes out with the older two.  The baby can be asleep.  I just like to be able to not have to think about no one but myself.  So anything! I went and got a pedicure Friday and it was so refreshing!” ~Shacondra

● “Another thing you can do is continuing to enjoy your hobbies.  Whether that be reading, photography, being crafty or blogging.” ~Latoia

● “Boy… finding time for ourselves is the hardest thing!  However, a few months ago I actually formed a group for young wives and mothers for the exact same reason.  We call the group “His wife, their mother”.  We share experiences, advice and encouragement. But the best part is that we come together once a month for an activity away from from our husbands and kids and let loose (or turn up! LOL!) We’re trying to plan a spa day next that I’m so looking forward to!” ~Shavone

● “My creative outlet of doing makeup for Brides, Proms, etc.  It’s a big stress relief.” ~Sandy

● “Taking a nap with essential oils being diffused.” ~Angie

And last but not least…

● My new “Me Time” favorite?  Writing this blog!  Starting this type of blog has been a dream of mine. Being able to release through writing has always been a therapeutic stress reliever for me. I hope that many women are encouraged and inspired through this.

Do you have any tips or ideas to add? Share them in the comments below. Also, be sure to share this post with other women who may need some ideas on taking some time for themselves.

Sincerely, Mrs. Mommy


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